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Lehr's Meat Market

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Smoked Summer Sausage - 10 Flavors 

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Old Fashioned Smokies - 14 Flavors 

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Lehr's Meat Market 

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Turn Your Venison into Smoked Sausage 

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Welcome to Lehr's Meat Market

In today's ever changing world it is nice to know that there are things you can always count on. 
When the Lehr family came over from Germany in 1833 they brought with them the art of meat cutting.In 1918 it was turned into a full time business and three generations later the tradition continues. Over the years we have developed some of the best "old fashioned" summer sausage and smokies you will ever taste. Made with the finest quality ingredients, "cold smoked" over a natural hickory fire, and naturally aged in our drying room until optimum flavor is reached.

Lehr's still provides butchering and meat processing as well as wild game processing.  Located in New Athens Illinois in the heart of Southern Illinois there are still many farmers that provide quality Beef and Pork and customers come from as far away as Kansas City to purchase quality meat products.  Lehr's provides all these services and more.